St. Patrick's Day Special!
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Its almost St. Patrick's Day! Your going to need some cigars to go along with your beer or whiskey, luckily we have our Mix n' Match special available  again with Irish themed cigars.


Simply choose a combination of any 6 cigars listed below and tell us in the Special Instructions section (during checkout, on "payment" screen). You can do 6 of all the same cigar or a custom mix. This part is up to you!

Cigar Options:

- Irish Cream

- Irish Whiskey

- Irish Potato

- Creme de Menthe


All 6- Packs also come with a brand new John Hay Macadamia Nut cigar for free! This is the newest addition to the John Hay flavored line and are currently only available in store.





  • Item #: JHD-SS-06

St. Patrick's Day Special!

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