Humidification Cigar Crystals 2 oz (small jar)
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Our Humidification Cigar Crystals automatically maintains the 70% humidity levels required to keep cigars at their freshest. The humidification process is actually controlled by the nontoxic chemicals we charge into the Crystals here in-store. You never have to add anything but plain distilled water again.

The crystals inside the tube are quite unique. They expand in size when activated and contract in size when they need a drink. When placed in your humidor you can forget it for up to 12 months. It really does take all the guess work and hastle out of filling your existing humidifier every month. And the best part, they just plain work. These crystals can last up to 8 years with regular recharging with distilled water!

  • Item #: ACC-HCC-02

Humidification Cigar Crystals 2 oz (small jar)

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