Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Diplomat 6 PACK 6 X 47
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We figure our Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Diplomat is just the thing to keep you warm and toasty this cold winter season.

Our Hot Chocolate Marshmallow started life as our devastatingly popular Natural Diplomat Cocoa Cigar and was taken hostage by our resident mad scientist and set free as a beautifully blended mild, rich and creamy must for fans of our flavored cigars.

What happens in our lab is a trade secret so we cant divulge too much information regarding the natural flavors and extracts used in the crafting of this fine cigar. Simply enjoy the subtle experience and know that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

PA Broadleaf Wrapper, Binder and Filler. Thick elastic body with a rustic, natural appearance.

Please Note: Shipping may take a few extra days because our mad scientist does NOT like to be disturbed.

  • Item #: SP-01-14-01-JHD-N-HCM-06

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Diplomat 6 PACK 6 X 47

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